LVL Lash Lifts in Northwood

Individual eyelash extensions have been the long-standing favourite eyelash treatment. There is, however, a new treatment which is quickly gaining popularity, namely Nouveau LVL Lash Lifts. Unlike eyelash extensions, there is no glue or fake eyelashes involved! LVL Lash treatments involve lifting and tinting your own lashes to enhance the natural look without glue or maintenance. 

LVL Lashes does the opposite to the traditional treatment of getting their lashes permed. Rather than curling the eyelashes, this treatment straightens the eyelashes in an upright position which actually adds length as the natural curl is removed. Tinting is then used to make your eyelashes darker and more noticeable. Many women feel like they don't need to wear mascara after this treatment, and the effect typically lasts 6-8 weeks.

LVL Lashes Lift

Lash Extensions with Lash Perfect

A set of Bio Sculpture Gels in Party Blue colour contrast with a rose
Lash Extension available in Northwood

Bio Sculpture Gels

1 hour, 15 Mins
1 Hour
45 Mins
Full Set
2 Hours
Eyelash soak off
15 Mins
New Set of Overlays
Soak off + New Set
Soak off
30 Mins
Soak off and Condition
45 Mins


Waxing legs available at Annas touch of beauty
Half Leg
Full Leg
Full Leg and Bikini
Bikini Line
Extended Bikini Line
Lip or Chin
Lip and Chin
Half Arm
Full Arm
OPI nails holding a flower

OPI Nails

OPI Mini Pedicure
30 Mins
File and Paint
20 Mins
OPI Manicure
45 Mins
OPI Luxury Manicure
60 Mins


Red Pedicure toes from Annas Salon in Northwood
1 hour
File and Paint
20 Minitues
Eye lash and eye brow tints available


(Patch test required for new clients)

Eyelash Tint
Eyebrow Tint
Lash and Brow Tint
Small Heading